As a registered member you can create your own custom advertisements in real time with targeted options that will show throughout our website.  Ads are placed on users activity feeds (timelines), photo and video lightboxes, and banners on various pages. Please take a look at our advertising packages by clicking the "create an ad" link on the "advertise on pawrent" ad located on the right column of your member home page (accessed by clicking on the pawrent logo, top center of our website. Then click "create an ad". 

You can add an image, links and text.  You can view it as you are creating it.  Depending on the package you select, your ad will be shown on all pages and user activity feeds throughout, except on photo and video lightbox popups.  If you wish to have your ad show on photo and video lightbox popups, you must select feature package.



If you have a business, product, service or event that you would like to advertise without setting up an account, please contact us to discuss your banner ad options. (Please use Contact Us form below) 



If you want to ask us a question directly, please submit your message with the following form.

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